Cesar Cepeda

Why financial education is not taught in schools?

While assisting clients to make investments either in real estate opportunities or franchised business, I noticed thru the years that many of them lack the fundamentals of investment principles which will help them to enhance their asset nest.

Also, I noticed that same economic level clients from different countries think and act in a variety of ways. Asian clients are more careful and follow an strict diligence while always keeping a laser focus attention on returns. Clients from Latin America are more emotional about their investments and tend not to do a more-in-depth diligence and greatly influenced by their “ gut feeling “.

A comprehensive analysis by Worldwide Financial Literacy ( Forbes Nov 2015) shows the results of a survey of 150,000 random adults in 14 countries . The graphic below shows some of such results with the United States placed in number 14 with only 57% of the population financially educated



When I found that almost half of the US population does not have sufficient financial literacy makes me wonder why we don’t teach financial fundamental education since early age in schools