Cesar Cepeda

What Is The Most Important Factor To Develop Your Business

Thanks to Carlos de Leon Gto, where he asks what is the most effective way to develop my business in the United States ?
Carlos: my answer can be applied to any country …

Bill Gross is not only an intelligent person, 20 years ago he had the idea of ​​creating “Idealab”, where to date he has created more than 100 companies, some failed, others very successful.

Bill is interested in companies in the process of development (starups) where he now takes a quanti犀利士
tative approach to analyze 100 companies part of Idelab and another 100 that are not part.
Among which include youtube, pets.com, Airbnb, Linkedyn and many others.

He indicates that the results to be a successful company are:
Financing: 14%
Business Model: 24%
Idea: 28%
Work team: 32%
Timing: 42%

As an example it indicates that the first investors rejected the idea of ​​Airbnb since it was illogical to rent a room from the house to a stranger, but this happened just at the top of the recession, and the consumer required additional income. Therefore, I arrive just at the right time.
You as a leader in your company, could you ask:
Is the consumer eager to accept my business model?
Will you be the only one ready or will you be one more?

I hope this information will help you to form the next stellar company that we are all waiting for.