Cesar Cepeda

Texas Receives Support For 51,000 MMD And Requires An Additional 61,000 MMD For Reconstruction After Hurricane Harvey

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott asks the convention for more than $ 61 billion in support for reconstruction after Hurricane Harvey.

This amount is required for the reconstruction of infrastructure only, the governor indicated to congressmen in Washington.

This additional amount of $ 61,000 million is not included in the grants granted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Housing Department (HUD).

It is proposed that 61% of the amount be allocated to control hydraulic flows and 39% to housing reconstruction.

Up to this moment, the US Congress has granted support for 51,000 million dollars for affected areas in the last two months,

These supports are necessary for the reconstruction of the coastal areas of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico, but they can be an impetus for the local economy since construction is a trigger for growth.

This, coupled with the growth in oil prices and the huge foreign investment in the state, make Texas an attractive place for those interested in investing and opening businesses.