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Invest with us.

If you participate in a volatile stock market, have funds earning minimum returns in bonds, or have an IRA retirement account not producing an amount you would like, you may have a better option – investing with us.

After years of experience in acquisition and disposition of real estate assets for our clients, we now offer additional benefits to private moneylenders or investors.

In a multitude of occasions, I made millions for our clients. These opportunities and benefits are now available to our investors as well.

One clarification: I personally don’t invest or partner with any of my listed properties. I believe my clients rely on our expertise for their best benefit. For that reason, I feel it is a conflict of interest to list and invest.

For all other properties (those not listed by me) I am always looking for moneymaking opportunities, either buying, remodeling and selling (flip), new construction, development or value-add

We work with our investors in two different ways:


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no way I will leave my loyal clients alone; they are the blood of my business. I will continue seeking profitable assets for them, but due to the asset-searching systems we have in place, we can locate assets for our clients and some for our investors.

Very valid question. While it’s true that any business or investment has a risk, in our case it’s a minimum and highly calculated one. Years of experience have placed my name in the top commercial advisors in the country by Remax International. My name is worth a career in real estate which will not be compromised by lack of trust or unethical practices.

About the transaction underwriting, we have the highest standards to validate assets and projected gains and always consider a margin of error in our calculations. So far, we have not lost money on a single transaction (and plan to continue that way)

All our investments are in Texas where it’s easy to place a first-place lien on the property. I cannot sell the property unless that lien is released which protects the investor (lender) including the interest. Upon closing the investor gets paid by the title company or the attorney in charge of closing and the lien released from county records.

In order for everybody to gain a healthy return on investment, minimum participation is 50,000 USD.

This depends the investment amount. Properties can range from single family homes (either flips or new construction) to multi family, retail strips, or even residential lots subdivision developments to industrial warehouses.

Real estate is local. Since I believe knowing the market is essential, I only invest in the areas of San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley (McAllen) TX.

True. It’s not rocket science but since I know the market, sale price, purchase price, invest all my time into these, personally work with contractors, suppliers, vendors, investors and all the networks related to the field, I know how to underwrite the properties and have access to loans for the buyers when I sell. Aside from the time I invest, this places me in a beneficial position that not everybody has. Even if you have the time, you may have to hire a broker to market and sell the property which can easily take a percentage of the proceeds. My system is successful because I provide a turnkey operation to our happy investors who can always come back to keep making money.

No, good profitable properties are obtained on a case by case basis. I can place you in our “investors database” where you will get all details on each property we want to invest on


Our Customer Reviews

Chuck CorleyTheme Park and Resort Industry Consultant
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Cesar brings a can-do effort to all of his endeavors. In an age where reliability seems to be fading with many, you can count on Cesar to deliver in a smart and professional manner. He employs an attention to detail possesses sources throughout south Texas and will explore every option to bring a task to fruition. Cesar understands business, but more importantly, understands how to get the best out of people.”
Lori Benjamin, Senior Vice President at RPD Catalyst LLC
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Cesar helped us acquire 2 assets that fit perfectly in our portfolio. He was a pleasure to work with -- knowledgeable and professional, yet easy going and personable. I always felt as though he had our back and would do whatever necessary to make our acquisition close timely. I highly recommend using Cesar as a consultant.
Jay G.Multifamily Investor Dallas, TX
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Cesar Cepeda is one of the best commercial property brokers that I worked with. He is very honest, genuine. Also, he is very helpful and supportive and went extra mile to help me out when I was working on a tough deal. I strongly recommend Cesar to anybody who wants to work with a trustworthy broker”.
Ross F.California.
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Investing in South Texas from out of state and this being my first multi-family purchase, my decision was not easy. Cesar was very knowledgeable about the area, rentals, property managers, whom I had to meet. Basically all my questions were answered. He also referred me to a bank which granted me credit to be able to buy the property. It was a pleasure to have been represented by Cesar since the purchasing process. It was very simple. Thanks Cesar!!
David S.Austin, TX
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Cesar is highly professional and a pleasure to deal with. Honesty, conscientiousness and always ready to help. I feel very honored to recommend him.
Leonel C.Mexico.
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Cesar is highly professional and a pleasure to deal with. Honesty, conscientiousness and always ready to help. I feel very honored to recommend him.
Rebecca OlaguibelCity of McAllen Commercial Development Director
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Cesar is an expert in real estate investments. His knowledge and professionalism makes him They make an invaluable asset to many of his vast group of investors. His generosity and willingness to assist make him an exceptional person.
Javier SmithGlobal Export Initiative Center , MBDA Detroit.
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Cesar is a dynamic businessman with a very established international group in the real estate and franchises. During his career he has been involved with numerous investors of different nationalities.
Lori B.Vicepresident Sr., Private Equity Group California
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Cesar supported us in locating two assets that perfectly met our expectations. It is a pleasure to be represented by him with his professionalism and knowledge, easier to treat. I always felt that he had my back and did what was necessary to carry out our acquisitions correctly. I highly recommend Cesar as your consultant.
Chuck CorleyVicepresident EPIC Resort Destinations
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Cesar has tremendous dedication in all his activities. In this era where trust seems to be forgotten, you can trust him for consulting him intelligently and professional. He focuses on the smallest details and has resources throughout Texas where He explores all the best options for your investment. Cesar understands business, but More importantly, he understands how to deliver the best to people.
F &G GroupLLC Francisco F President
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My wife and I had the immense fortune of meeting Cesar Cepeda when we came to live in McAllen for a recommendation that a person made to us and I say immense fortune, because from the beginning he guided us on how to invest our capital in real estate and how carry out the negotiations from start to finish successfully, I can say that apart from his honesty and professionalism in all dealings, he is a person who has the ability to understand the two cultures, Latin and North American, therefore greatly facilitating communication. Cesar is characterized as a respectful person, a keeper of commitments, with high work capacity and customer focus.
Aldo SBlueRock & Co LLC.
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I have known Cesar for 9 years and he has represented me in all my transactions. goods and roots . From buying my personal home to selling my investment properties. Cesar is very professional, ethical and above all he puts the interests of his clients as a priority.